I am a wife, a mom to 3 boys and a follower of Jesus. Jesus’ love has changed me and I am learning to live in His love daily. His love defines who I am.

In December of 2013, we had our third son and life turned outside down. He was born with a birth defect which created kidney and bladder damage. We faced NICU, surgeries, too many doctor appointments to count, back to back UTI’s, several hospital stays, and a very uncertain future. This was my third pregnancy in 4 years and my body was wiped. The stress was overwhelming plus the sleepless nights with a sick newborn were too much to carry. At 6 weeks postpartum I crumbled…all the way. Anxiety, uncontrollable, breath-taking, anxiety filled every inch of my body. I had never heard of postpartum anxiety but it took over my world.  This experience changed our whole life. Now four years later, I can say for the better. I got to know my Savior in a way I had never experienced before. When everything you have ever thought you “controlled” is stripped from you you see your reality in a new light and see your need for Jesus’ unfailing grace, love, and mercy as your every need.

There are paragraphs and paragraphs to be filled in here about how we survived months of life debilitated anxiety. My mom practically lived with us and cared for our newborn while my in-laws cared for our two older boys. My amazing husband worked full time, held down night duty with a newborn and loved me well through my darkest nights and days. But after months of depression, anxiety, and sleep meds being way to easily handed to me by doctors who did very little to evaluate me I was able to start taking my health into my own hands. Here enters whole foods.

We ate a pretty standard American diet with little awareness to nutrition or health before 2014. My idea of health then would be related to the word diet which would only be connected to weight. Our second son had struggled with acid reflux which we had connected to diary and this was my first lesson in the food and health connection. In September of 2014, after month of debilitating postpartum anxiety I decided to start making positive changes in our food choices to change the trajectory of our future. I started a WHOLE30 and we have never looked back. Whole foods are now a way of life. Gluten free is a self-given label for our family to keep inflammation low. Diary free is strived for, because we all seem to have a negative gut reaction, but cheated on for occasionally indulging in pizza and ice cream . Habits have been formed to keep this way of life a new normal.

Again paragraphs and paragraphs can be filled in here about my journey with multiple naturopaths and healing regimens. Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, low thyroid, non-existent progesterone, and many nutrient deficiencies. My health journey has been up and down and up and down again. I am still on the road to helping adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance with the help of natural holistic thinking doctors. I am on many supplements and bio-identical hormones. It has not been an easy road. And it has been an expensive journey. I have learned so much about my body and have truly grown a passion for nutrition and holistic medicine. This is my space to share with friends and family recipes, tips and our journey along the way.


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