Whole30 Round 4 Week 1

My goals as I approach my 4th round of Whole30 are the same as I see my goals were my last round which was at the beginning of this year. I’m seeking to reset my body. Ditch food cravings that are creeping in – mostly corn and sugar. I see that I need the brain fog lifted big time! I want to eliminate the sleep-aids and minimize my bedtime routine. I want to wake up without neck/shoulder /jaw tension and wake up feeling refreshed. Have stable energy and more of it. I want to find stability in my mood, minimize my PMS symptoms and help my hormones balance. And to eliminate low mood and anxiety. See non-scale victories for  Whole30 HERE.

My goal is to keep things easy and simple in the food prep area as I begin to stay mindful of the Whole30 rules again. When I cook my goal is to make enough to freeze or for leftovers.

Breakfast Options


  • Aidell’s Sausage and Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken Breasts over salad bowls
  • leftover proteins over salad


  • Chicken Tortilla Soup 
  • Crockpot Taco Meat over Sweet Potatoes with WholeSisters #dumpranch
    • I cook a sweet potato in the microwave, smash it, cover with ghee and broil  in oven for 5-7 minutes, top with taco meat, salad, cilantro, and dumpranch
    • I will use as leftovers one night or use meat with lunch taco salads, or freeze half for next week
    • can also make in the instant pot, sauté the onion and garlic in 4 tbsp avocado oil, add meat until mostly browned, hit cancel, add all ingredients and mix well, seal the steam, hit bean/chili button, 30 min., and the release steam, mix well, serve
  • Sweet & Sticky Chicken Wings with Baked Zucchini Crisps with #dumpranch
  • Weekly Grill Night
    • This is my night off in the kitchen and where having easy Whole30 approved protein is needed. We will grill burgers, chicken sausage or Applegate hotdogs. We will also make Grilled Herb Potatoes and veggies. My favorite veggie on the grill is asparagus with Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Grinder and olive oil.
  • Coconut Crusted Turkey Burgers
    • see my notes on this plan
    • I will make and use as leftovers or freeze for another week